Closet Challenges

Does your bedroom closet resemble this one? Do you waste time every day looking for a specific blouse or pair or shoes? Take the time to redesign your closet to make the most of its space and allow it to work well for your needs.

To start, determine what needs to be part of your wardrobe and what should be given away, tossed or stored elsewhere. If your closet space is limited, look for another location for out-of-season or rarely-worn clothes. Let your bedroom closet hold only current wardrobe items and accessories.

Next, look for wasted space. This closet photo shows clothes that are a bit crowded, while there is a wealth of unused space underneath. This space could be used for a second clothes pole or low drawers or even shoe storage. Think vertical as well as horizontal when you’re arranging your closet.

While it would be nice to hire a closet design company to redo your space, you can also purchase additional storage elements and shelves from home improvement and discount stores. Just be careful not to make the mistakes shown in closet number one. All the storage solutions in the world won’t fix a closet that isn’t managed well.

Finally, organize your clothes in your space. Sort by purpose: for example, work clothes and casual clothes. You can also sort by color or organize outfits for a quick selection when you’re getting ready for work. Once you have your closet in shape, you may find yourself as happy as the man in the last photo, with a closet that relaxes rather than stresses him.