Personalize Your Hallway

Do you ignore your hallways? Are they just paths rather than an integrated part of your home’s décor? Well, it may be time to expand your narrow thinking of this skinniest part of your home and let it add its own charm.

Take a look at this hall. For something only about three to four feet wide, there’s a lot going on here. To begin, the pine wood floor helps to link all the rooms together. Architectural touches such as the high baseboards and door surrounds combine with the flooring to create a powerful look that combines the best of traditional with a touch of classy country.

The furniture choices support that image. A simple wooden bench that coordinates perfectly with the floor begs visitors to sit and take off their shoes. A watering can adds to the casual welcome. A few steps further in and a small chair and narrow table with a few accessories add personality.

While this hallway gives the impression of a casual decorating approach, the art and lighting prove that this is no unthinking design plan. Instead of the standard look of several hug-the-ceiling light fixtures, track lighting has been pre-set to provide each piece of art with its own spot. This provides an invitation to linger in the hall, pausing to see each picture along the way.

Altogether, this is not just a path from one room to another; it’s a welcoming event as you walk through this home. Do your hallways tempt visitors to linger and appreciate the walk? What can you do to make them as special as the rest of your home?