Stylish and Child-Friendly

This inviting contemporary condo has so many features that add sophistication and style. What may not be as easy to recognize is that this home is also designed for children.

The marble flooring has a natural beauty and the darker color choice, large tiles and glossy surface keep it low maintenance – particularly important in the eating area.

The art in this room also works well with children. By choosing a simple tile mosaic in the place of more traditional art, the piece has a strong presence while actually providing the same wipe-clean advantage as a kitchen backsplash. Notice that the chairs have modern lines while the leather provides another easy-clean surface.

One appealing and unusual feature separates the dining area from the front entry. This half wall differs from standard designs thanks to the square openings set in a pattern through the entire wall. This architectural feature allows homeowners to simply leave the spaces empty, providing inviting glimpses from one area to another. This homeowner chose to add Plexiglas containers to allow for additional style by adding various elements to each opening.

In this case, good plastic replicas of fresh produce provide an intriguing addition to the entryway while hinting at the purpose of the next room. Small children’s toys or blocks could also fill the containers at the lower levels, adding color while providing elements of interest for little ones. The options are only limited by your imagination and size restrictions. Altogether, this space combines a home for adults to appreciate and children to enjoy.