Create your own Beach Escape

At the end of the day, do you wish you could escape to a beach like this? For most of us this scene is beyond our reach on an everyday basis. However, you can take your back patio and find ways to bring the mood of the beach to your own home.

Although this scene is inviting, it’s also pretty impractical. We wouldn’t really want to have sand in the back yard or sit on those rough rustic twig chairs, but you can grab some ideas and translate their essence to your patio.

Sand is replaced by travertine pavers. The light neutral tones that travertine provides mimics the look of sand without the mess.

Substitute oiled teak for the rustic furniture on the beach. The contrast with the travertine and the rich wood color is still there, but made more comfortable and inviting for everyday use.

A few plants in pots recollect a natural setting, and the mosaic table has the feel of a seashell with its spiral pattern.

Instead of the colorful flags flying over the shore scene, adding throw pillows in bright solids finishes the space with color. Thanks to the weather-resistant fabric choices available now, those pillows can stay outside all the time.

As the sun sets, add candles or lanterns on tables and use light strings to add charm, set the boundaries and light pathways. Now you’re ready to relax at home every evening, or gather some friends together for a beach party with everything you need except for the ocean.