Open Floor Plan’s Best Use of Color

With the endless amount of possibilities of a floor plan styles in a home, an open floor plan continues to be one of the most popular choices for new homes and renovations.  A key factor to an open floor plan is functionality.  With opening up walls, the space between the kitchen, dining and living rooms creates a nice flow both visually and functionality.  Along with the style of floor plan, comes the task of choosing the colors that keep the open feel true.  Color in décor and paint can help eliminate the separating lines in an open floor plan.


Using a single color throughout the spaces creates a sense of unity between the different living areas.  If the living room were painted a single color, different from the rest, it would close the space away from the rest of the rooms.  The key is to uphold the flow of movement and color through the space with furniture and accessories to keep the openness alive.


One of the most common areas in a home that are included in an open floor plan is the kitchen.  Tile, paint and the appliances are just a few of the elements in the kitchen that need to be considered when decorating and choosing the right colors to accent the open concept.  In this modern kitchen, you can see the unity of color tone that is carried from the kitchen seamlessly out in to the living space.  The unity of color allows the space to be viewed as a larger living area. 


If you want a pop of color, be sure to accent the rest of the spaces with the same color or tone, to create a visually cohesive look.  Using throw pillows on a couch, dishtowels or vases in a kitchen are a fast, affordable and easy to update way of creating the feel of an open floor plan.