Black, White and Silver Create Hollywood Glamour

Using a black and white color scheme tends to make a space feel modern and almost cold. Instead, by adding silver and crystal, this room is warm and glamorous.

The feeling of rich abundance comes in part from the generous use of patterns. Only the loveseat is solid. Even the walls and buffet contain subtle patterns that support the room’s total look.

The tile floor is primarily off-white, with a touch of darker tones to add personality. Overlaying it, the area rug’s black and white large floral pattern is echoed in many variations throughout the room. The lampshade in the foreground, throw pillows, and even the design etched on the glass room divider use variations of large floral patterns in their look. This consistency helps keep the room from becoming overwhelming.

Silver is used well also. From the small silver-leaf tables in the far corner to the antique candlesticks on the buffet and picture frames on the wall, silver is the third color that brings the room together.

Finally, crystal light fixtures provide the sparkle that leads to interesting reflections and patterns of light. Just add a few old Hollywood stars, and this room is ready for its close-up.