Use Permeable Surfaces to be Environmentally Responsible

More and more, people want to plan environmentally-responsible landscaping. That can mean choosing plants that are native to the area or that will reduce your water use. Another area that is receiving attention is selecting hardscapes – patios and paths – that allow rain water to flow through them to the ground.

As you plan your yard space, it’s worth exploring the increasing number of permeable options. This is not only about taking a better environmental stand, it also helps with your yard’s drainage.

This is a simple and inviting approach to permeable areas. Combining gravel with some tiles or pavers provides a way to create inviting outdoor living areas at a reasonable price without damaging your yard’s drainage patterns.

If you would rather have a solid surface, there are permeable pavers in a number of appealing designs. You could also reverse this look, with larger squares of stone separated by narrow bands of loose gravel. This would give the water places to go while still giving you the outdoor surface you want.

This spa in Bali makes the most of the natural plants and character of the area to create an inviting spot to rest and relax. When you’re ready to explore your outdoor surface options, consider permeability and drainage in your plans.