Create a Special Space for your Little Girl


Children’s furniture needs to change and grow as they do. It’s better to keep your options inexpensive and easy to change over time.

Here is an inviting example of a dressing table if your little girl wants a special spot in her bedroom for jewelry, perfume or just to sit and dream.

This pretty dressing table has space for everything she will want as well as the charm she hopes for in her room.

Start by looking for an inexpensive or used dressing table. If one isn’t available, look for a simple table that you can dress up. This table is an old-fashioned piece of furniture newly-painted white. The glass top cut to fit provides an easy-wipe area for any spills. Add a mirror. Some dressing tables have mirrors included. If not, find a mirror that will coordinate well. If necessary paint the frame the same white as the table.

Look for knobs or pulls that have a feminine touch. Many discount stores have a variety to choose from, or visit a hardware store that specializes in them. Next, a hobby store can provide silk flowers and garlands in almost any color to add girly personality to the space. Add a few pretty boxes and maybe some flowery wrapping paper to line the drawers and it’s all ready.

Notice the simple pink ribbon at the bottom of the bedroom curtain. Simple touches such as this and maybe a pink and white area rug can make any room into your daughter’s dream space.