Add Some Fun to Your Home

The bright neon colors of the carnival rides add an inviting fun element to this photo. In the same way, a few fun touches can create a more inviting décor in our homes. Looking at this photo, think about what you can add to create a touch of fun for yourself and guests.

Look for accessories that ask people to pick them up and play with them. The old Rubik’s cube did that, and there are a number of puzzles and toys that work the same way. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. How about a matchbox car of your favorite luxury auto or a pretty bowl filled with plastic animals? These give people something to do with their hands while you’re talking.

You could set up a jigsaw puzzle on a side table in your living room to encourage guests to fill in a piece or two. Add two chairs so that people can chat while finding just the right spot for that bit of red.

If you find a photo or image that makes you smile, frame it and tuck it in a corner of your home or along your hallway. Chances are your guests will appreciate it too. Another option is to dig through some of your old memory boxes and display a favorite toy or children’s book. It may start a conversation if someone remembers playing or reading it in their early years.

This is not about turning your home into an amusement park. Instead, by adding only one or two fun elements, you can add interest and charm to your home. Have fun!