At the Backdoor: Functional and Stylish Storage

For many of us, our backdoor, kitchen door and side door seem to see more traffic than the front door. Activities that are traffic heavy such as going in and out, groceries being unloaded and recycling getting collected can all result in coats, bags, purses, keys and wallets all ending up piled by the backdoor.  This is why stylish and functional storage and “landing zones” are needed.  Whether you have a traditional mudroom or a small hall, you can create a functional, yet pretty, area at the backdoor.

Wall storage

A row of hooks or pegs can create a place for coats, bags, backpacks and leashes. Wood knobs can be painted to match the wall color or in a complementary color to stand out. Lots of options for hooks, even vintage hooks or old door knobs can be used. Be creative!


A traditional hall tree with hooks, a mirror and a storage bench is a stylish and functional piece of furniture for a mudroom or hallway.  If you have the space, this single piece of furniture is a workhorse.

Consider a storage bench, for shoes, scarves, mittens and other clutter.  Or vintage lockers make for great storage by the back door.

Built in shelves and cubbies that can accommodate bags, shoes and even recycling bins are a smart option.

Think about how you use your back door or mudroom and find a storage solution that is both attractive and functional for you. Whether you chose hooks, furniture or shelves, the right storage will organize the space and declutter your space.

Be sure to ask your Fulton Homes’ design consultant about options for controlling clutter at your back door. We will be featuring mudrooms in our new Mendocino series coming soon to Queen Creek!

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