Baby on the Way? Think about the Right Flooring.

When you’re about to have a baby, there are so many things to plan for before the big date. For many people, this may include moving to a new house or renovating their current home to make room for the little one.

With all of your planning, don’t forget about flooring. Your child will be spending some serious time on your floors, first crawling, then walking, playing and exploring. Take the time to think about what types of flooring will work best for your new little one.

Your first inclination might be to go with carpeting everywhere. There’s no denying that the cushioned surface provided by a good quality carpet and pad will help protect your child as he or she starts walking. With the constant tendency to spill, choosing to invest in stain-protected carpeting will probably pay for itself in fewer rug cleanings over time.

Don’t totally dismiss options such as wood or laminate floors. Research has shown that children who have “tummy time” on a harder surface floor and learn to pull themselves along and maneuver on this type of floor actually have better coordination and learning skills later in life.

Remember that children grow up and your flooring will last well past their adolescence. Choose flooring for you as well as them. If you would prefer wood or laminate floors, add area rugs to soften play areas. If you want tile in some rooms, choose smoother options and use rugs to minimize the variation of the floor.

As your child grows, you’ll find that many decisions have you balance between what’s good for them and what’s going to work for you. Your flooring is just one example of that.

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