Using Organic Linens

Aside from being conscious of our environment, we are starting to become more and more health conscious when it comes to our homes, and with good reason.

When we say “organic” it refers to plants that have not been treated with pesticides and other toxic fertilizers.  Plants are not only used as food but they can also used to make home items like linens. (table cloths, towels and bed sheets)

Wouldn’t it be nice to use table cloths and other linens with the confidence that they  are made organically? The most common type of environment friendly table cloth linens are made from cotton. There are more materials available such as wool, bamboo, jute, hemp and silk that can be made into table cloths.

The same applies when it comes to bed sheets. Maybe many of us do not pay much attention to what our bedding is made of as long as we get a good nights sleep! But the statistics tell us—we spend a third of our lives sleeping so why not make sleeping as healthy and comfortable as possible?

There are a number of materials used to make bed sheets some of which include flannel, polyester, satin, wool and cotton. Resources that have been grown the organic way are proven to produce the most comfortable bed sheets to sleep on. With this comes the promise of a better sleep. Don’t worry! Organic bed sheets do not compromise on luxury and style.

Choosing organic linens not only contributes to a healthier and more comfortable life but it can also help you invest in the health and future of our environment.