Find the Right Home for You

When you decide to find the right home, the process can be fun and rewarding or frustrating. Planning ahead will reduce the headaches and eliminate many miscommunications. Here are a few suggestions as you begin.

1.     Figure out how much house you can afford. Visit with your bank, reputable mortgage broker or use our mortgage calculator on our website to see how far your income will go in the market. Don’t stop there, however. Look at your lifestyle choices and determine what amount will allow you to have a home with a mortgage that works for both of you. Once you determine that monthly amount, start saving the difference between what you plan to pay and you are currently paying. This will enable you to test run your mortgage and give you some extra money for the move.

2.     Decide whether you want a new home or a resale. If you want a new home, start by using our new home finder.

3.     If you want a resale home, start going to open houses. Every house has advantages and disadvantages. By attending open houses, you and your partner can discuss what you like and don’t like about each home. This will help you define what features are important to you. It’s also a good way to look at neighborhoods. This can also help you understand how much house your planned mortgage amount will buy.

4.     Find a realtor. Your visits to open houses give you a chance to meet a number of realtors and talk to them without worrying about a sales pitch. Although you can buy a home without one, a realtor can help screen homes and provide advice. Look for one who is familiar with the neighborhoods you’re interested in and the type of home you want.