Decorate a Child’s Room for You and Your Child

If it’s time to move your child’s room from nursery-style to something a bit more mature, take advantage of the opportunity to make changes that will work now and in the future.

A child’s tastes will change dramatically, maybe even year-to-year. It’s up to you to decide how often a room redecoration is in order and what will be involved.

To make this work well, certain elements should be established early and be included in future re-dos. To start, select a neutral flooring and blind combination that will work at any age. For example, a light to medium wood floor with matching 2 inch blinds will handle changes in colors and themes.

You may want to select simple furniture that complements the flooring, so the basics are completed. Pick out basic pieces that will work as your child grows. If possible, leave enough space to allow for furniture rearranging as well as some play space on the floor.

Use inexpensive elements to create colors and themes in the room. Paint, bedding, art and accessories can make a dramatic difference in the look of a space without breaking your budget.

Include your child as much as possible in the decision process. This will help him or her feel like the room belongs to them, and can get them started thinking of how they want their space to look, feel and function. As your child grows, you can give them more and more autonomy to experiment with their own tastes and preferences.