Bathroom Tile Tips

Bathrooms today are one of the most remodeled rooms of the home and with good reason. In years past, the bathroom was not a room many homeowners gave much thought too. Finally, the bathroom is having its time in the limelight.

Homeowners are now taking decorating the bathroom more seriously than before. In fact, bathrooms are now seen as a place not only where you groom and detoxify yourself, but also as a relaxation sanctuary. Bathroom products and materials are now available in such a wide variety, there is something to suit everyone’s taste and bathroom tiles are no different.
There are so many shapes, sizes, finishes, colors and materials available, it can be an overwhelming task to narrow down your tile choices to just one. The market is filled with ceramic, stone, granite, marble, brick and even onyx tiles. Consider a few of these decorating ideas to narrow down the choices when talking to your flooring associate about bathroom tiles:

• Add a mosaic tile design to create a focal point in a large bathroom.
• Coordinate tile with the color of your walls.
• Choose a theme such as coastal or floral to make your color selection easier.
• Give pastels a try; they have long been a pretty option for soothing bathing experience.
• Go for fresh and happy (if that’s your style!) with colors like mint green or perhaps a lovely shade of pink.
• Use light colored tiles to make small spaces appear larger.
• Go bold by selecting differently colored tiles for your floors and walls.
• Create patterns by laying it at different angles.
• Think murals, they are a fast-rising trend.
• High contrasting tiles can be used for a more dramatic effect provided you work with a white-tiled background.
• Choosing different textures can also do the trick.
• Go with textures from matte, glossy, glass effect or uneven surfaced tiles. They can do wonders in designing your bathroom.

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