Bathroom Flooring for the Elderly

Falls happen. Both the young and the old are prone to them, however the elderly have a tougher time recovering. If you have an older parent or relative who lives with you or visits often, then you’ll want to take special care making sure the floors in your home are slip resistant and safe.

In our homes, the bathroom can be the most accident-prone area. This is because almost every surface in the bathroom is smooth and glossy; and once wet it becomes a dangerous place. Slipping while getting out of the bath or shower can result in a broken hip or limbs.

So how can we make the bathroom a safer place for the elderly? Small things can be done first, like making sure you don’t fill the room with floor décor like plants and magazine stands.  Place hampers and trash cans out of the way, so they do not have to be navigated around. Take out rugs that do not have rubber backing and can be slipped on.

We hope these tips help!