Two-Level Countertops

The multi-level countertop is a simple idea but it can add a lot of functionality to your living space. In this photo, the granite camouflages the materials on the kitchen counter while adding an attractive design element to the rest of the room.

This approach is particularly valuable in an open living area. When entertaining, the raised counter hides food prep materials and the dirty dishes after dinner. If these are visible, they distract from the design of the rest of the space.

This countertop is narrow but a wider one provides even more advantages. With bar-level seating on the side opposite the kitchen, you have added a breakfast bar, a place for casual snacking or even homework when the cook needs to multi-task by helping children with school while finishing dinner.

From an entertainment standpoint, additional seating provides an extra conversation area, a place for appetizers or even a table for a buffet. It also gives guests as chance to perch and chat with the host or hosts as they prepare dinner.

Solid surface or granite options have enlarged our choices for countertop designs. Why not take advantage of the expanded flexibility and style of these materials to make your kitchen space as functional and attractive as possible? Ask us about about using multi-level counters in your home. This is available on some floor plans, but not all.