Portrait of a Comfortable Room

Simple solid colors, lots of light, and a variety of upholstered furniture invites you right into this room. What about this room says be comfortable and relax? Let’s spend a few minutes figuring it out.

One critical factor is the sunshine streaming through the oversized windows. You can just imagine a puppy curled up in the sunny spot on the floor. Light is required for comfort. From the hanging light and the lamp to the right, this room also recognizes the importance of multiple sources of light in the evening.

The furniture also invites you to sit and relax. The sofa and easy chair are designed for a comfortable read or a nap. Two ottomans by the fireplace work well for warming close to the fire on chilly days. Accessories and art are simple but large enough to fill in the room’s bare spaces. Finally, fresh flowers and healthy plants always say welcome.

Is your home inviting and comfortable? Can you incorporate any ideas from this room to make your home as comfy as you want? Be sure to think about how you will use and live in your home as you plan design changes and additions.

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