Warm Room for Cold Weather

In the deep midwinter, warmth comes from more than your furnace. Walk into this room and your first inclination is to snuggle into the chair of your choice and light the fire in the fireplace.

This room is made for chilly winter days, so ignore the summer trees outside and let’s take a look at why this room makes you feel so cozy.

Despite the sunshine coming in the window, the room has a soft dark feel. The mid-tone blue walls – in a color called sage blue – are warm with enough richness to add comfort.

The furniture is also soft and dark, with a mostly print-on-print approach that invites an echo of a country feel. The quilt and coffee table also say country, but the more formal needlepoint pillow and straightforward curtains keep the space from getting too fluffy.

The cream colored ceiling and the warm light russet carpet reflect each other, picking up the warm browns in the quilt and the main floral print. With this style, wood floors might be the expected choice, but carpet keeps up the theme of warmth and comfort.

Does the design of your living room, bedroom or den keep you feeling warmer at this time of year? Think about adding some soft, dark elements to cozy up your space when the snow falls.

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