Holiday Decorating with a Designer’s Eye: Part 2

Does your home showcase your love of color? If so, you may be concerned that slapping holiday elements on top of your already bright home space may make everything overwhelming. Don’t worry; a few adjustments will enable you to blend your current color scheme into your holiday design plans.

Do you have carpeting in a non-holiday color such as orange or blue? Bring in metallics and holiday neutrals to complement your look. Silver and blue make a beautiful combination, and orange goes well with gold.

Even unusual choices such as pink and purple can fit in with traditional holiday colors. Adding some pink and purple elements on the tree and elsewhere in the room can help a table’s colors connect with the space.  You can make temporary pillow covers with some of the same fabric. Cut it in large squares – about twice the length of the longest side of the pillow. Place the fabric on a table on a diagonal, and put the pillow in the center. Tie opposite corners around the pillow and turn it so the knots are in the back. You have effectively covered your pillow in your key holiday tone with a minimum of effort on your part.

Above all, remember that it’s a festive time, and color brightens people’s mood, particularly in the middle of winter. Take some chances and make your home a colorful place for the holidays.