Clean Your Carpet for the Holidays: Part 1

Now that Thanksgiving is over it’s time to prepare for the rest of the winter holidays. You may want to start the process with a professional carpet cleaning. Consider the following tips to make cleaning easier and more effective for you.

The first big step is finding the right cleaners. Unfortunately, a well-known name or lots of advertising are not your best source for evaluating quality and service. Check with friends and neighbors as well as the Better Business Bureau to find a good cleaning company.

You may also want to look into the type of equipment they use. The truck-mounted steam cleaners do an excellent job and leave no soap residue. Ask about the availability of professional blowers to help dry your carpeting afterwards. Generally cleaners have them at a reasonable price – around $20 per day.

Before your cleaner arrives, taking the time to make your home ready leads to a much better experience. Remove every piece of furniture that can be taken to a room with a hard surface. This may mean that your kitchen and bathrooms are a bit crowded for a day. For wood furniture that is too big or too heavy to move, be sure to place squares of plastic or wax paper under the legs. Sometimes wood stains will seep onto your carpet with the hot steamy water. As you are moving things around, be sure to pay attention to any spots, so that you can point them out to the carpet cleaner.

Be sure to place your pets in a safe spot, away from the cleaning and the open door that’s required during the process.

Having your carpet cleaned may be a nuisance, but the end result is well worth the effort – a carpet that looks like it was just installed.

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