Home Decorating for Thanksgiving

The last part of the year should be called “Decorating Season”.  Fall kicks off “Decorating Season”, with Halloween and Thanksgiving. Around the corner is Christmas and before you know its New Years.

Here are some decorating tips for Thanksgiving:
1. Pumpkins make for great outdoor decorations. You can get very creative with their carving. Save one of your Halloween pumpkins by not carving it. You can carry over intact pumpkins from Halloween through Thanksgiving. Of course incorporate them in your pies and cookies as your seasonal Thanksgiving dessert!
2. A Cornucopia basket makes for a great centerpiece. Fill it with colorful fruits (apples), vegetables (squash) and gourds. This is a simple and easy way to decorate the table. You can turn any basket you already have into a fall centerpiece.
3. Another inexpensive decorating option is candles. There is an array of assortment of shapes, sizes, colors and fragrances. You’ll be spoiled with the choices in stores now. You can use multiple candles and create a centerpiece or scatter smaller candles throughout the house so that the whole house can smell like  apple cider, pumpkin spice, or cinnamon. This is an easy way to put you in the holiday mood!

4. Use colorful fall leaves to scatter on a plain table cloth or runner or borrow the kid’s school idea and iron leaves between wax paper to use for place cards. (small gourds also make great place cards)
5. Lastly add a colorful wreath to your front door. You can make them from scratch yourself or get one pre-made and add your own special touch. Add leaves, greenery, pinecones, nuts (acorns), pheasant feathers and anything else you like! Browse craft stores for inexpensive items that can be added seasonally to your wreath. Use thin wire to attach items to the wreath (wire is also ideal for easy removal). Items you add can be traded out for different holidays. For example you can add fall colored foliage for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Then remove fall items and add Christmas decorations (like plastic ornaments that can with stand the outdoor weather).

Our best advice to you is be creative and HAVE FUN! That’s what the holidays are for.

P.S. We have another idea that isn’t exactly a decorating idea, but it’s a good one. Go outside and grab a good looking branch. (that means one with multiple twigs) Then grab some construction paper and yarn or string.  At Thanksgiving dinner, have everyone write something on the construction paper that they are thankful for, read it out loud at dinner and then hang it on the tree. It’s a simple concept, but you’d be surprised at how happy others are when they hear what you are thankful for.