Choosing Your Lighting: Part 2

Light fixtures give you an opportunity to add some architectural interest to your home. A simple dining table is strongly enhanced with the right chandelier above it. Your entryway can be much more dramatic with the perfect fixture sparkling in the space.

The rules for lighting are changing. Once chandeliers were only for dining rooms. Now, as you can see in this photo, bedrooms can get an extra touch of luxury with a delicate crystal fixture.

You may want to consider mixing your lighting options in other rooms. How about a small hanging fixture over your bathtub to add a spa feel? Pendant lights common in a kitchen might add an unusual contemporary look in your foyer or a hallway. A ceiling fan can extend the life of your covered patio (there are fans designed for outdoor use).

Whatever fixture you select, make sure the size is in proportion to the room. For a dining room, the chandelier should be about half the width of the table. Also, positioning lights at the right height makes a difference. For example, in a dining room, the recommendation is to set the bottom of the fixture about 30 inches above the surface of the table.

Lighting adds to the ambiance of your home. Take your time and make the right choice for every room.

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