Choosing your Lighting: Part 1

Replacing light fixtures can be as effective as painting for changing the mood of a room. Lighting sends a message on style, period and taste. Outdated flooring is the most obvious sign of an outdated space, and lighting fixtures come a close second. Barring major architectural factors, update the flooring and lighting and you have an updated home.

When it’s time to change your light fixtures, take some time to consider certain issues before you make your purchases. Here are a few factors to take into consideration:

Budget: Calculate the lighting budget for your home, and determine how much you can afford to spend in each room. Sometimes you can save money by using a simple light in one space to allow you to splurge in a key area such as the dining room or master bedroom.

Style: Do you want all of your lighting fixtures to coordinate throughout your home? If other elements have a consistent style and approach, continue that pattern with your lighting. If your rooms have different styles, you can be more flexible with your lighting choices. Notice how well this chandelier fits with the style and architecture of the room in this photo.

Need: Do your light fixtures serve a specific need? For example, do you need lighting for make-up in your bathroom? Would you like a ceiling fan in your family room? Don’t let style – no matter how appealing – distract you from the room’s lighting requirements.

Personal preference: When choosing a light fixture, remember that you will be looking at it for years. Be sure to shop until you find fixtures that you like. This may include making choices such as waiting to replace some fixtures so you can purchase a more expensive option that you love.

Remember that your fixtures are more than a source of light – they’re a statement of your style and taste. Make choices that work for you. What are your experiences with updating your lighting?