Color Coordinating Tips

Choosing a great color which you know will go with the theme you have in mind and painting it on to your walls is not the be all and end all of your home décor. How you color coordinate while decorating will make or break your final result. Here are some tips which should help you with color coordination around your home:
Choose wisely: Before you zone in on a color, keep in mind that you have to work around that color when you are decorating. Your safest bet is to think in combinations right from the beginning rather than in terms of the dominant color you want. You can opt for a monochromatic scheme, with just one color in varying shades or opt for a combination of colors which either complement or clash stylishly to get the effect you have in mind.
Let the color wheel guide you: A color wheel basically has the major colors of the spectrum arranged in order. Colors opposite each other are complementary and you can devise several shades keeping in mind the colors flanking your dominant color on the color wheel.
Wall it right: No matter the amount of color, or the lack thereof, in your home, the color that will stand out first is the one that coats your wall. If you’ve opted for a vibrant color in a strong shade, try not to overdo it. One way of avoiding overuse is to color two opposite walls in the color of your choice and the other two in a much lighter or a neutral shade.

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