Bathroom Inspiration

Ask professional designers what they use for inspiration, and many will answer, “Everything!” when you’re making your design plans, keep your eyes open for colors and concepts that appeal to you. Most home designers will suggest reviewing magazines for ideas, and that’s good advice. But the opportunity to create a unique room for your home means looking beyond the obvious and taking some chances.

This eye-catching bathroom had an unusual start – a mom noticed the colors coming from the oversized bubbles her children were creating in the backyard. Her 5-year came over, leaned on her, sighed and said, “I wish we could have bubbles all the time, and she suddenly remembered the boring guest bath that needed a redo. She grabbed her camera and took some close-up photos and got to work.

To start, she looked for circles to echo a bubble’s shape. She found the perfect mirror, and a sink that looked like half of a

bubble. Paint, glass tile, towels and flowers mirror the rich sun-drenched shades that moved through the bubbles. Staying with glossy finishes and shiny chrome fixtures helped the room glow.

With a little effort, this mom captured an ephemeral moment and her son’s wish with a bathroom that stand

s alone. What kind of decorating is in your future? How about letting your imagination and special moments inspire your design plans?