Wood Floor Styles: Casual

Do you prefer a casual style in your home décor but long for wood floors? Well, wood works very well in a casual space. To make the design consistent, here are a few style suggestions as you choose your type of wood floor.

If you want relaxed, light woods provide a simpler and more low-key look. A floor such as the one in the photo provides a lovely foundation for this room with a country slant. The light tones work very well with the wicker dining chairs and the basket accessories.

Another element that creates a casual feel involves the variety of wood tones in the floor. A single-tone floor seems more formal and planned. Using a mix of tones makes the floor feel casual, while allowing a variety of furniture materials characteristic of a relaxed decorating style.

The new hand scraped wood floors fit that handmade profile, with each plank having its own personality. A floor with more visible grain and wider planks also sends a casual message. So don’t hesitate to pick wood if your taste is laid-back; just choose the right floor for your design goals.

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