Stages of Construction: Stage 8

Today continues a series about the stages of construction. Our goal is to help you understand the stages of construction, learn about how we do things and what you can expect during each stage. In this series, we have covered 7 additional stages of construction. To see the previous stages of construction, click here.

During this stage, the carpet is installed and the home is cleaned in preparation for the homebuyer orientation and final inspection by the local municipality building & safety inspector. The lot has a final raking and the grade certification is completed. This certification is provided by an independent survey company. Any final questions and problems are also addressed at this time.

All finished surfaces are cleaned prior to pre-carpet paint touch-up. This includes windows, tubs, cabinets, tile, mirrors and counter-tops. Most paint touch-up is done prior to carpet installation, but a final touch-up is always needed after carpet.

A Fulton Homes Construction Manager or Area Manager assures each home meets Fulton Homes Quality standards prior to installation of flooring. At this time, the home should be nearing completion except for the flooring and appliances. Any items found during this quality assurance inspection will be addressed before move in.

You will have a pre-orientation meeting to confirm options and address any concerns.

A final inspection for certificate of occupancy is performed by the local municipality building & safety inspector.

Floor covering installations is one of the last things to be done on the home. Minor floor preparation is done prior to floor coverings installation.

The Fulton Homes Detail Technician is utilized to put the finishing touches on the home prior to the orientation. The Fulton Homes Detail Technician is also required to accompany the Orientation Specialist during the orientation, to take care of any minor adjustments necessary.

The appliances will be installed the day of Close of Escrow. It is company policy not to install appliances until at this time due to theft and insurance issues!

We hope this helps you further understand the different stages of construction.

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