Stages of Construction: Conclusion

Conclusion of Stages

This concludes the series on the different stages of construction. If you missed any posts, please review them here.

Once all construction is finished, the homebuyer receives an orientation about their new home. Warranty information is explained and all of the home’s features are described and illustrated so that homebuyers become familiar with their home.

The orientation allows us to explain the feature and functions of your home. If there are any items that need correction they will be documented at this orientation for correction. The orientation is also an opportunity to review important manufacturer warranty and maintenance information.

Orientations are typically scheduled for 8:00 am and 2:00 pm Monday through Friday. There are three to five business days between the Orientation and the close of escrow/key release date.

Typically, the title appointment is scheduled the same day as the orientation. It is a good idea to call two working days before your title company appointment to make sure your lender has the loan documents and any funding conditions to the title company. The following items are required at this appointment:  A Cashier’s Check for the Balance Due, and Proper identification as well as any documentation required by your lender as a funding condition. Be advised that it may take a couple of days to fund and record.  It’s best to plan on leaving a couple of days open just in case there is a problem.