Air Conditioning Tips

Your heating and air conditioning systems can play an important role in the first year after you move in. Did you know that  by maintaining an even temperature, you can minimize the contraction and expansion of the materials in your home?

The following suggestions are intended to assist you in getting the maximum usage and enjoyment from your heating and air conditioning system:

  1. We recommend that filters be changed every 30 days or as needed. In areas with heavy dust more frequent changes may be in order. Fresh filters can significantly reduce operating costs and will prolong the life of your system.
  2. Check the operation of your system well in advance of peak operating seasons. Notify the appropriate subcontractor of problems before seasonal service demands are the greatest.
  3. Keep all vents and registers clean and free of dust, cobwebs and debris.
  4. Keep plants and grass trimmed well away from the outdoor unit.
  5. Keep the condensing unit relatively level and keep the area surrounding the unit clear to allow unimpaired airflow. Do not plant bushes near the unit and be careful that dirt, leaves, and grass clippings are cleared away. For a thorough cleaning, contact a licensed HVAC Contractor.
  6. We hope this tips help you get the most out of your air conditioning system! Enjoy the summer and stay cool!