New Home Walls

If you have a new home, below is some helpful information that you might want to know about interior walls and drywall. Reading this short post may help you avoid costly damage in the future!

Interior Walls

The walls in a new home are constructed of wood and other materials, which are subject to normal expansion and contraction. Molding and trim can shrink and warp in some cases. Routine maintenance on molding, trim and drywall is minimal and is the responsibility of the homeowner. You should replace warped molding and trim, reset nails that have popped out of position and  use touch-up paint. If necessary, use the appropriate caulking material to complete the repairs.

Use care when you hang pictures and other decorative items. The drywall will be damaged if it is hit with a hammer. Costly repairs can be avoided by using picture hooks and other supplies from a home center or hardware store. Always repair nail holes with a dab of spackle or putty.

If the walls in your home are textured for beauty and style, you should be aware that the texturing material is relatively soft and can be damaged by scrubbing with abrasive cleaners and rough brushes or cloths. Small finger smudges may be removed from walls with a solution of warm water and mild soap. Wash gently with a soft sponge or cloth. Rinse and dry the excess water carefully. Do not allow the drywall to become soaked in water. Larger spots, not easily removed by cleaning, will require paint touch-up.


Our policy is that nail pops, cracked corner beads and cracks that exceed 1/8” of an inch will be repaired only once within the first year.

After one year, drywall cracks are the homeowner’s responsibility. As frame members dry and shrink, some minor drywall cracks are to be expected. These cracks should be filled or caulked and then touched up with paint. This is part of normal homeowner maintenance.

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  1. I need to touch up the interior walls – is there a way to find the paint color I should use?

  2. Hi Deann,
    Great questions! Please contact our customer care and they can help you out with more detail!

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