Carpet Maintenance

Here’s some helpful advice on carpet maintenance and things you may want to know about carpet expectations.

Vacuum carpeting frequently to avoid the buildup of dirt and grime.

Eliminate carpet-shedding fibers as they appear. Loose carpet fibers will work their way to the surface for quite sometime. This is known as fluffing or shedding. Vacuum these fibers as part of your routine cleaning. If a tuft of carpet appears which is longer than the surface rounding carpet, do not try to pull it out. It is probably attached to the backing and simply needs to be trimmed to the height of the surrounding tufts.

Visible carpet seams are to be expected and are not an indication of a fault in the carpet. Most rolls of carpet are produced in 12-foot widths. This dictates that most of your rooms will have at least one seam.

Professional installers will attempt to install your carpet with minimal amount of seams and without excessive waste. Seams are most visible in a new home before it has been furnished and occupied. Visible seams are not a defect unless they have been improperly made or the material is defective. The carpet is durable but requires maintenance and care. Color variations and shading may be noticeable, and depend upon the surface texture and pile fiber of the carpet.

In high traffic areas and carpeted areas adjoining hard surfaces, it is recommended that an un-backed cotton throw rug be used to minimize carpet soiling.

Remove spills immediately. Stain removal is easier if it is done promptly.  See manufacturer recommendations for recommended carpet cleaning products. Cleaning products should be tested on a section of carpeting that is not obvious. Do not use cleaners that have not been tested and certified for the carpeting materials in your home.

Thoroughly clean your carpets at least once each year. While do-it-yourself carpet shampoo devices can be effective, consider a professional carpet cleaner. The professional equipment, materials, and experience will add years of life to your carpets.