Solutions to Common Heating and Air Conditioning Problems

Solutions to common heating & air conditioning problems

Problem Likely Cause Solution
Air temperature variance in different rooms. Air distribution unbalanced. Registers are obstructed. Adjust air register. Clear obstructions away from registers.
Reduced airflow or excessive dust on vents and registers. Dirty air filter. Replace air filter
Registers rattle. Loose register louvers. Adjust louver with a screwdriver or contact HVAC Contractor.
Home takes a long time to heat up or cool down. Improper use of thermostat. Set thermostat at one setting and leave it.
Thermostat cannot be set higher than 86 degrees F. Thermostat manufactured to stop at 86 degrees F No action, though the thermostat may show higher temperature.
HVAC system does not operate. Thermostat improperly set. Check thermostat for proper setting.
Blower fan not operating in “On” position. Circuit breaker or fuse tripped Replace fuse. Reset outside disconnect or panel box breaker.
Air conditioner or heat pump not operating properly. Outside unit obstructed by bushes, leaves, etc. Clear obstructions from top and sides of unit.
No cool or warm air. Breaker tripped, Dirty filter. Check and reset breaker before. Calling HVAC Contractor.
Inside air handlers leaking water onto ceiling or floor. Condensate drain clogged or inside coil is frozen. Call HVAC Contractor or clear obstruction from drain line.
Inside or outside coil is frozen. Low refrigerant or dirty air filter. Call HVAC Contractor. Replace air filter.
Water present at HVAC condenser line connection. Insulation not firmly around refrigerant line. Reattach insulation
Excess water dripping from heat pump. Unit iced up and is defrosting. Normal. The water is from the ice melting.
Air inside home is dry and has excess static electricity. Lack of moisture in air. Install humidifier.
Excess water on window. Excess humidity in home. Lower humidifier setting. Use exhaust fans. Reduce plant watering and steam producing activities.
Bottom condensate line leaking water in summer. Normal. No repairs needed.
Top condensate line leaking water in summer. Primary drain is clogged. Clean obstruction from drain. Call HVAC Contractor.

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  1. Great tips! Troubleshooting minor problems can save you from hiring an AC service tech and avoid expensive repairs. When all else fails, call the pros. 🙂

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