Scottsdale Educator Honored as Fulton Homes ‘Teacher of the Week’

Melissa Diggins Is Recognized For Her Colorful Teaching Methods And Commitment To Her Students Outside of the Classroom

(Scottsdale, AZ) – Melissa Diggins of Copper Ridge School has been chosen as this week’s Fulton Homes “Teacher of the Week”. Diggins was recognized for her outstanding dedication to her students in and out of the classroom. She received the award on the Ben and Matt Show on KNIX on Friday, April 29. Diggins was nominated by Aubrie Bailie, a sixth-grade student at Copper Ridge.

Students across the Valley have been recognizing the teacher that’s made a difference in their lives with the 11th Annual Fulton Homes Teacher of the Week program, run in partnership with KNIX Country Radio. The popular program, which serves to honor outstanding educators, is now running through the school year, ending in May of 2011.
Diggins is originally from Chicago and received her Master’s Degree in Education at Northwestern University. She has been teaching for 14 years and worked with the Scottsdale Unified School District for the past three. Diggins has been at Copper Ridge for only one year and has already impacted many of her students, including Bailie, who wrote a poem to thank Ms. Diggins.

“I didn’t know I could enjoy social studies so much,” Bailie wrote. “With your sweet words, it’s my heart you touch.”
Diggins takes full advantage of the technology resources available at Copper Ridge and is a fan of incorporating performing arts into her teaching. She engages her students in hands-on enrichment projects, reader’s theater and student rap performances.

“I always knew teaching was my calling,” Diggins said. “I love making a difference in the lives of our future.”
Diggins attended Space Camp for Educators and led a space camp at her former school. She serves as the school union representative for the Scottsdale Education Association and hopes to help improve the Arizona education system.

“Unfortunately, the state is not properly funding education and as a result, the poor salaries take valuable teachers out of the classroom seeking a salary that will provide for their families,” Diggins said.
Diggins’ job is not over when the bell rings. She is supportive of all her students and their extra-curriculum activities outside of the classroom, as well. She attends many of her students’ out-of-school functions, sports games, performances and other events.

“Melissa Diggins is exactly the kind of dedicated educator our classrooms need,” remarked Fulton Homes CEO Douglas Fulton. “She is fully-committed to all of her students and makes sure they know that they can accomplish anything. Fulton Homes is grateful for all her hard work and proud to name Diggins our Teacher of the Week.”

Fulton Homes invited students and peers across the Valley to recognize those teachers who make a difference in other’s lives with the 11th Annual Fulton Homes Teacher of the Week program, in partnership with KNIX Country Radio. The popular program, which serves to honor outstanding educators, continues throughout the school year, ending in May of 2011.

Teachers nominated will be entered for a chance to win a prize package that includes $300 in cash plus prizes from Fulton Homes and the Dairy Council of Arizona. The winning teacher will be surprised and presented the award by KNIX radio personality, Carolyn Coffey. Recipients of the award will also be spotlighted on the KNIX Morning Show with Ben and Matt, where they will receive special recognition on their Friday show between 6:20 – 7:20 a.m.

At the end of the school year, on May 24, the 34 winning teachers will be honored at a special luncheon, where one outstanding teacher will be chosen as the Fulton Homes “Teacher of the Year.”  Winners are chosen based on their commitment to education, career achievements and impact on students’ lives.

For more information about Fulton Homes Teacher of the Week, visit and click on the Fulton Foundation link, or visit, keyword “Teacher.”