Plan Your Home’s Care Requirements for 2011

For many people, getting ready for the New Year involves setting up a calendar. Whether you use Outlook or another computer-based system, or prefer the classic print calendars, now is the time to prepare for next year by inserting key birthdays, anniversaries, and other personal holidays and events.

While planning your new year, how about including your house? Your home requires a number of annual maintenance events, and now is a great time to schedule them.

Do you have wood floors that need a new coat of wax or stone floors that need sealing? Are your granite countertops due for another coat of sealant this spring? When did you last have your heating and air conditioning system checked? How often do you have your carpets cleaned?

To make your life even easier, add in the phone numbers of any contacts you need for each project right in your calendar so you’re ready to make arrangements as each event comes up this next year.

Instead of counting on your memory or reminders from others, take a few extra minutes as you set up your calendar and plan your home’s care requirements for 2011. Then relax and have a happy New Year!