Christmas Is Coming…Let’s Start Decorating!

Christmas is the most inspiring time of year to decorate. Almost everyone looks forward to it! This year stamp your unique seal on your home for Christmas! Your seasonal decorations represent you and your family. Read along for ideas.

Customize stockings by writing family member’s names with iron on letters. Mix fun items from around the house in garland (picture frames, pottery, crystal items) above the hearth. If you have power available, weave in white lights.  Use your entertainment center as your mantel if you don’t have one.

Don’t have space for a real Christmas tree? Mini trees covered in lights give the same effect as a big tree. White lights accent any style and color with grace and brilliance. Use several of theses minis if you have the room. A tree on both sides of the front door; immediately puts you in the spirit, each time you come home. Counter appropriate mini trees and extra small decorations are available. There could be one in each room of the house!

Greenery such as garland dresses up the everyday banister, doorframe and windowsill. Interlace curly vine like materials. These can be found in any craft section. Adding glitter to colorful faux leaves fit right in with garland and vines. Stick to one color of glitter like gold or silver. Add glitter to other foliage, such as vines and berries.

Basically you can decorate anything you want. All you need is garland, white lights, cheerful ribbons, colored ornaments and candles. Don’t forget candles, especially ones that smell like gingerbread, evergreen, peppermint and any other seasonal smell. Only light one type of fragrance at a time. Light other unscented; the soft glow and seasonal smell will really set the tone for Christmas spirit!