Contrast Creates a “Wow” Kitchen

Have you noticed that some kitchens are lovely but don’t really catch your attention, while others have that “wow” factor? The difference is contrast. Even if you would rather stick with neutrals in your kitchen’s design, using a variety of tones will give your cooking space impact.

For many people, their first inclination is to pick everything according to their preferences without thinking of how each piece interacts. For example, people who prefer light tones will be drawn to light cabinetry, flooring, countertops and backsplash tile. With these choices, you do get a light, bright kitchen. But with no contrast, the space has only one design note – light.  Even adding color won’t change that limited palette.

The same thing happens for people who prefer the dark tones. If they choose dark cabinets, countertops, etc., their kitchen will resemble a cave – cozy but not as inviting as it could be.

This doesn’t mean that you have to make choices you don’t care for. Something as simple as a dark countertop combined with stainless steel appliances can anchor a lighter kitchen and add an inviting design feel. Dark cabinets and countertops work well together as long as you go light on the backsplash and floor. Lose the cave and create a wonderful space.

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