Building Contrast by Mixing Hard and Soft Surfaces – Part 1

Do you find that voices echo when you walk into one of your rooms? If so, chances are you have a space with an imbalance of hard vs. soft surfaces. This situation happens particularly often with a modern approach to design.

The modern look generally starts with a sleek tile or wood floor. The new ebony wood tones lend themselves particularly well to a contemporary space. Add in wood furniture with simple lines and tailored couches and chairs, and a space can feel almost sculptural. It can also feel less inviting than you want. A few simple additions will improve this situation.

A number of soft elements fit well with a modern look. Consider rugs with thick textures in contemporary patterns or textures. Add in a wall hanging such as a contemporary quilt, tapestry or weaving that provides softness while still complementing the modern style. Finish up with a few floor pillows in a simple style to soften the floor area and provide extra seating.

Just a few touches can warm up your modern space, keeping the sculptured look while adding an inviting feel.